Attention Assistant Nurses: DHA ASSISTANT NURSE EXAM Preparation Materials: DHA Exam Registration / Licencing Exam / Dataflow Started!! Check your DHA eligibility and start the Process of Application.

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The Dubai Health Authority is a government organization overseeing the health system of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Earnjobz is a golden platform for medical professionals to pass your DHA exam. You may have many different ways to study for the DHA Assistant Nurse Exam, but we choose the best ways to make you understand the topics methodically. our products guide you through the complete study process. Our approach to teaching simplifies you to pass the exam easily. We help you to combine the skills that you have and add in our helpful certification practice tests.

Time management is one of the most difficult aspects of the examination. Just like the real certification exam, our prep tests are timed. After you complete one of our practice tests, we’ll let you know how many questions you answered correctly. We will also estimate the score you would be close to on the actual exam, so you’ll know how much more practice you need. These test results can help you create a comprehensive study guide that focuses on your weak areas.  Our tests provide you with step-by-step explanations in an easily understandable format. The materials for the DHA exam is provided by Bemax academy. We realize that everyone likes to study differently, so we give you three different ways to take your exams:

Timing Tests

Timed tests are just like the actual certification exam. They help you feel the pressure of completing the exam in a strict timeframe. The system defaults the test time to the same time limit per question as to the actual exam. This is a great method of practicing your timing, especially if you’re concerned about having enough time to complete the test.

No time limit tests

With this option, you can take your own time and think about the question before answering. It’s a great way to test your knowledge and highlight blind spots you’ll need to come back to in your studies

Remember, standardized tests are not simply an examination of your knowledge of the subject matter. They are also testing your ability to perform well under pressure. By taking exam practice tests you’ll gain the confidence necessary to stay calm on the day of the real test.

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