A site that sells items from local stores in Trivandrum – Streetbell.com

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This is a time when everything from paper clips to urad dal is available online and deliverable at our door-steps. Local startups delivering vegetables to multi-nationals selling chappals, everyone need a piece of the cake or sometimes the whole cake.

The parties losing out in such a situation is the local stores and businesses, & they don’t lose out due to lack of discounts and offers, but rather due to the absence of a reliable solution to take them online and help them sell their stuff and deliver just like their online counterparts. This is where streetbell.com comes in.

What is Streetbell?

Streetbell is company that provides a complete solution ecommerce site with apps for local stores, free of cost (very small commission on sales). This makes it one of the most sought after ecommerce solutions in the state. They already cover a lot of the famous and unique restaurants and shops in south Kerala.


How does local stores benefit?

Usually, when a local business, restaurant or niche product seller need an online shop, they have to go through the following:

  • Hire a developer or a company, pay exorbitant prices.
  • And then keep paying them maintenance fees.
  • Pay for payment gateway and commissions.
  • Pay for SSL security.
  • Pay for digital Marketing & SEO.
  • Pay and develop an app that could cost more than 2 lakhs.
  • Finally, even after spending a fortune, you still get buggy website & app.


And here is where streetbell shines. All you have to do is:

  • Contact Streetbell.
  • Provide your products details and other details and you are done.

It is that easy and you have your shop online ready for business.